Quality Halal Meat - Healthy Cattle - No Animal Proteins - No Artificial Ingredients
  Halal Products International, Inc. and Harris Ranch Beef Company proudly provide Muslim communities around the world with the highest quality, USDA certified, Halal beef. The beef is Zabiha, hand-slaughtered, without stunning, by Muslims in accordance with Islamic law.

The entire process is approved by Al-Azhar Mosque in Egypt, the Islamic Food and Nutriton Council of America (IFANCA) and by the Islamic Service Center of America (ISCA).

In 1992, HPI, Inc. began its Halal program at HRBC and is overseen and quality-controlled by Amin Attia and his team. Mr. Attia and his team work with, but independently from, HRBC and are directly involved in hand-slaughtering, certification, and sales.
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